How To Make Money As A Photographer

How To Make Money As A Photographer

Images have a way of succinctly delivering messages and assist in preserving memories or scenes we would love to relive over and again. Little wonder then that many people these days take special interest in photography, especially with camera on virtually all new mobile devices. If you have photography as a hobby, do you know there is opportunity for you to make money by doing what you love? This piece addresses how to make money as a photographer.

Addressing the Basics

Before getting too excited and starting to shoot away, there are some essentials that you need to have in place to ensure you really make money. Here are a couple of important things you need to do:

Hone your skills – Granted that you already know how to snap images, but that is just the first step. You need to have some other essential skills to make money as a photographer. It is helpful to consider taking photography classes and liaising with a more experienced photographer to improve your camera use skills.

Get the necessary equipment – You are going to need a quality camera to make money from your photography hobby. The snapper provided on your phone or tablet most likely will not suffice to produce photos that could get the money rolling in. Save or get some money for a quality digital camera and other essential accessories.

Make money posting photos to sites

When you have started producing quality images, it is now time to start looking for how to make money off them. One good way of doing this is by posting the photos on stock photography sites or agencies such as iStockPhoto, Flickr, Shutterstock and Dreamstime. These sites help you to sell the pictures you have taken by providing a platform to showcase them. A proportion of your income is taken as fee by the agencies.

The beauty of posting pictures for sale on these sites is that they make it possible for you to continue generating streams of passive income from your image portfolio for several years. It helps to take note that photos more likely to sell are those ones that can help buyers sell their products, though. Here are few suggested steps to start making money from posting your images to sites.

1. Find and make list of sites – There are numerous sites out there where you can make money from your photo portfolio. A Google search can be done to identify some of these, which you can list out. Pick the sites that appeal to you from the list. It is likely that you may be turned down on some sites, so the list will let you know where else to try your luck.

2. Read the requirements – Once you have decided to register with a stock photography site or agency, it is advisable that you familiarize yourself with its requirements. For instance, there may be stipulated minimum for image sizes. Some other considerations may also come in. Make sure you read the FAQs and “Getting Started” sections, or similar, on your chosen site.

3. Promote your portfolio – There are numerous other photos on these sites. Therefore, you need to find a way to promote your portfolio. Facebook is one of the useful tools for this purpose.

You may as well explore the option of selling your photos to blogs and websites.

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