How To Work From Your iPhone

How To Work From Your iPhone

There has been a massive explosion in the number of smartphone users over the last few years. Majority of the population, especially young people, now use one of these devices or another, with Apple iPhone becoming something of a household name. But do you actually know that you can make money using the internet data on your smartphone from anywhere? You only need to have some apps on your device in most cases and you are good to go! Here are some cool ways you can go about making money with your smartphone.

Survey money

Paid surveys have been around for a long time. Now, you can fill in these surveys right from your phone and get paid. All you need do is to create an account on CashCrate and get started. You are not likely to become rich filling surveys, but you can at least offset some expenses such as that on browsing data.

Review music for money

You can also make money reviewing music on your smartphone. Services such as Slicethepie pay users for posting honest reviews of new unsigned artists, with each review paying about 10 to 15 cents. You also get 10 percent commission on referrals.

Shop and earn

Shopping is ordinarily just about you just spending money and cutting down your bank balance. But with your iPhone and Android device there’s money to be made. Apps like Easy Shift, Ibotta and Swagbucks make this possible. Once you have these apps, you simply make purchases at your favorite stores and upload the receipts obtained to get paid. It is not all the time you have to spend to earn. There are a variety of other tasks you can do to make money, including checking if a product is in stock at a store or capturing images of products on display.

Make money by staying fit

It is recommended that every individual should get regular exercise so as to stay fit. Your smartphone can help you do that while possibly making some on the side while at it. GymPact, an app for iPhone and Android devices, lets you make money for working out or pay for not doing so. Users contribute to a pool and set a workout schedule. The application tracks the time you spend working out. If you complete your workout, you get paid from the money of others who are not able to complete theirs. Nice concept!

Earn by listening to music

Most of us love listening to music because it helps to calm the nerves. You can get rewarded for doing what you like by using your iPhone. Viggle lets you earn money by streaming or downloading songs from its database. You also get paid for watching TV. For every minute spent watching or listening, you get a point. Accumulated points can be redeemed at companies like Best Buy and Groupon.

Get paid for watching trailers

Do you like watching movies? You can make money while enjoying your preferred pastime with your smartphone. Apps Trailers enables users to earn points for watching trailers of movies and hot apps. Points can be used for apps purchase or converted into cash via PayPal.

Earn from adverts

Apps like Jingit and Locket helps you make money as an advertiser. You earn with Jingit by renting out space on your Facebook account for ads display. In the case of Locket, ads are placed on your home screen and you make money based on the number of times you unlock your smartphone.

These are just some of the ways you can make money with your iPhone or Android devices. There are several more.

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