Jobs for 13 Year Olds

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Finding a job at 13

There is a socially demarked milestone that every person reaches by the time they turn 13 years old: it is the end of strict, carefree childhood and the beginning of teenagedom, with the concomitant surge of responsibilities that that implies. Though it cannot be said that a person becomes an adult at 13, there are certain initial tastes of adulthood that a person will increasingly begin to savor from 13 years old onward, and one of them is the need to begin accruing job experience. Yes, that’s right, kids need to start learning to cope with significant responsibilities at this age, and as a result there are several jobs for 13 year olds available in most communities, whether urban or rural.

In line with the “baby steps” theory of life, it is important that a 13 year old (or their parents) not bite off more than they can chew: it is not realistic to pretend a kid will go from nothing but fun and games to a heavy workload, and indeed there are strong, protective child labor laws on the books to make sure that such situations are prevented. But don’t let confuse assigning a 13 year old a relatively light level of responsibility with assigning a 13 year old trifling, trivial work—they are by no means the same thing. Ideally, jobs for 13 year olds will take advantage (in a good way, not criminally) of the physical condition and energy levels of the subject at hand, assigning them work that keeps them active; one such example could be bagging groceries at the local supermarket, which is a job that requires a certain level of physical activity without becoming overbearing and exhausting—attributes not at all suited to jobs for 13 year olds.

Of course, at the age of 13 most kids don’t have the slightest clue as to where to begin looking for their first job, and they will probably need the help (and the cajoling) of their elder siblings and parents, as well as other family members or prominent adult characters in their lives. It is important for these early jobs in a person’s life to promote the values of family and community prosperity, and consequently getting a 13 year old a job where they can tangibly register a positive impact of their work on the people around them is an absolute priority. When living in a rural community, jobs for 13 year olds might include such tasks as helping out with farm work (weeding crops, operating light machinery, sowing and/or harvesting, etc.) or helping to consolidate a communal resource like a water supply, drainage canal, or something to that effect. In (sub)urban communities, a 13 year old might be able to help out at the local library, perform odd-jobs for neighbors, participate in a local food drive or book fair, or simply serve as an extra helper at a local community center or other area where members of the community happen to congregate en masse. All of these roles will undoubtedly help foment a youth’s appreciation for helping others and being a positive influence in the community and the family.

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