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Starter Jobs For Kids

Everyone likes to have a little extra cash in their wallet, no matter how old they are. In the tumultuous and awkward world of teenagers, having some personal money to throw around is quite a luxury item. In order to escape the confines of their parents’ home, teenagers have to spend a little dough, whether it be at the movie theater, mall, or local pizza place, some money has to be put down. Some parents provide a little financial help, while others let their kids know it is time for them to start learning how to take care of themselves. Around the age of sixteen more and more kids begin looking for their first job. The amount of jobs for 16 year olds is much better than those for younger teens since the legal restrictions surrounding their work are a little less strict.

At sixteen people are eligible to be hired at almost any place where an older adult can be hired. The only restrictions are that sixteen year olds cannot be hired for what is considered a hazardous occupation. While this might seem obvious in the sense that a person would not expect to see a sixteen year old working in a manufacturing plant, there are other occupations that are deemed too hazardous that some sixteen year olds might be interested in. Teenagers who have just gotten their license might be entertaining the though of delivering pizza or Chinese food in order to earn some extra cash. Unfortunately operating a motor vehicle for a job is considered to be a hazardous occupation and therefore excludes sixteen year olds.

There are plenty of other jobs for 16 year olds out there besides delivering food. A lot of teenagers can find work as cashiers at cafes and more low-key restaurants. While the likelihood of being hired as a server are not very high, working as a bus boy or maybe host or hostess are definite possibilities. Some retail stores might hire sixteen year olds to work the floor, though stocking items would be the more likely outcome there. Finding work at a movie theater is also another good option and perfect for teenagers who would greatly benefit from having discount privileges there.

There are other jobs for 16 year olds at places like coffee shops and juice bars. At places like these teenagers can learn how to make drinks and pick up the basics of customer service that can help them as they get older if they wish to continue in the food industry. Learning about customer service is something that can be applied to all kinds of jobs and will benefit teenagers as they mature and look for other employment options. Customer service also gives teenagers a sense of appreciation and respect for the people who serve on them when they are out, providing a little perspective and humility.

Learning skills that are applicable later in life and just make them better people over all are some of the non-monetary benefits of sixteen year olds having jobs. Taking personal responsibility and being rewarded for their efforts are fundamentals of the business world and understanding these concepts early on will be helpful throughout life. While there are not a whole lot of jobs for 16 year olds out there, the few that exist can provide some good, enriching lessons for those lucky enough to find them.

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