Jobs for Kids

Jobs for Kids

Work for the Little Ones

There are not a lot of jobs for kids out there and that is probably for the best. The United States has very strict labor laws in order to protect children from the kind of exploitation that takes place in other parts of the world. Putting that serious note to the side however, there are some small duties that children can take on to help them learn basic work skills and feel a little sense of independence. The best way to achieve this is to give kids chores around the house and promise them some kind of reward in return. The reward can be a little weekly allowance or maybe a special outing, whatever works best as the motivational carrot at the end of the rope.

Taking out the trash, washing the dishes, and vacuuming are all good practices that children should learn and giving them the title of jobs makes them feel a little more important and grown up. The types of jobs for kids depends heavily on their age since that dictates more of what they can and cannot handle in terms of responsibility and maturity. Older kids can start babysitting around the ages of twelve an thirteen, providing them with their first real jobs. With these kinds of jobs they are earning a little financial freedom as well as the responsibilities that go along with caring for younger children.

The kinds of jobs for kids that are younger need to be on the easier side. If a kid wants to go beyond the house and chores to earn a little money there are a few things that can be done. Modeling can be started at any age. Lemonade stands and bake sales are great ways for kids to feel like they are really doing something and they are wonderful opportunities for neighbors to interact with one another. These kinds of homemade stands are a great beginning for young entrepreneurial spirits, teaching them the very basics of starting their own business.

Parents who own their own business can hire their child to do simple tasks like filing paperwork and cleaning up around the office. Other jobs for kids include classics like mowing lawns and dog walking. Most nine year olds could handle walking one or two dogs a few times a week and it gives them a little extra cash and a little personal pride at a job well done. Being the neighborhood car washer is also a task that most kids could handle and would benefit all of the adults who do not have enough time in their busy schedules to wash the grime off of their cars. Hiring a neighborhood kid is also most likely a cheaper option than driving to the local car wash.

Looking at home and the area around it is the best bet for finding a job for a child. Simple and straightforward are the key characteristics to look for with jobs for kids, while still making sure that they feel a little independence as well. Learning responsibility early will help kids succeed later in life.

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