Summer Camp Counselor Jobs

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Summer Camp Counselor Jobs

Summer camping is an integral part of the American life. Millions of young people always look forward to summer mainly because of the fun time that awaits them when they attend camps. If you love the outdoors and working with kids, summer camp counselor jobs might just make for an interesting way to earn some extra money during the summer.

Job Description

Summer camp counselors are people with special skills that assist at camps in teaching young children and directing activities as well as ensuring safety. Duties usually include guiding children and teenagers in activities such as swimming, kayaking, hiking and other activities that may be considered interesting to campers. Your duties as a summer camp counselor will include organizing trips, explaining camp rules, planning and scheduling activities.

Requirements to Work as a Summer Camp Counselor

Typically, camp counselors are young people, perhaps, to make for easy interaction with young camp attendees. Most of those working on summer camp counselor jobs fall in the age bracket 15-18. It is very important that you should be able to prove to organizers that you have impressive expertise in whatever activity you will be teaching. You must also be able to demonstrate you are in good shape, health wise.

A college degree is not really essential to work on summer camp counselor jobs since many of those applying for them are not old enough to even be in college. Besides, you will likely be working on this type of job on a seasonal basis. But if you are interested in a full-time position, a minimum qualification of an associate’s degree may be required. Most camps usually organize pre-camp orientation, during which additional training may be provided to would-be counselors.

You may need to familiarize yourself with local regulations as there may be some extra requirements to work on summer camp counselor jobs. For instance, certification could be required when looking to teach certain activities, such as water-related ones.

Finding Summer Camp Counselor Jobs

There are different approaches you can adopt to search for a counselor job at a summer camp. The most obvious way will be to look for a camp in your area and apply for a job directly. You may choose the alternative route of asking friends who have worked in similar capacity in the past to link you to available jobs.

If you’d rather not go through the stress of walking around to find a job, you may take your search online instead. The search page on MyFirstPaycheck, can be easily used to find these jobs. To find available openings around you, just type “summer camp counselor” or “camp counselor” into the “What” field and enter your location in the “Where” field. Search results can further be fine-tuned by clicking on “Advanced Job Search.”

Summer camp counselor jobs can be quite exciting as you will essentially be getting paid for doing wh
at you enjoy. Most camps also have recreation lodges fitted with mobile devices, computers and cable TVs, among others, which counselors can enjoy using during their time of leisure. Medical staff is equally on ground to ensure the wellness of both camp employees and attendees.

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