Chefs Should Learn Unusual Cooking Methods Too

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Chefs Should Learn Unusual Cooking Methods Too

Add variety to cooking methods

Being a chef is both fun and challenging. Usually, we may use one or two cooking methods only based on our expertise. The fact is that there are too many methods that we can learn and try out there. Learning something new has no harmful effects so it’s worth the try. Here are some new methods that we can use for cooking.

1. Blackening

This one is quite popular for some reasons. The blackening cooking technique is widely used when it comes to preparing fish and other related foods. We can see it in most Cajun cuisine. The first chef who popularized this cooking method is Paul Prudhomme. What is it about? The food is plunged in fluid butter and then combined with some spices and herbs. Chili pepper, thyme, onion powder, salt, and peppercorns are the basics. Then we cook the mixture in a heated cast-iron frying pan. The food will have black-colored crust as the result of overcooking flavors and burned margarine. This method is mostly applied for redfish, chicken cutlets, and steak.

2. Clay Pot Cooking

This way of cooking is a little bit traditional. Still, it has been used by many people around the world. A seasoned clay pot is very durable. Not to mention it’s versatile. The heat increases over time and the foods get cooked thoroughly within a span of 7 minutes. We only need to use medium heat for this type of technique. The prime benefit of using clay pot cooking technique is the excellent steam quality. We can have full moisture while cooking food using a clay pot. As a result, the dish will be more flavorful and tender. The water evaporation prevents over burning and we don’t even need to use oil. Clay pot will seal the entire nutrients and it’s lower in fat.

3. Engine Cooking Technique

For us who look for an extreme method to cook our food, we can try engine cooking technique. It’s a kind of cooking art by taking advantage of the heat coming from the internal burning engine. We can use either truck or car engine. Even though most chefs consider it as outrageous, it’s a good idea to look for relaxation. The technique was invented by truckers who use their truck’s engine heat to cook their lunch. It’s the best choice when we are travelling somewhere and we need to have the food done once we reach the destination. Lacking kitchen appliances are the reason why travelers and truckers apply this technique. Are chefs also interested?

4. Poaching Cooking Method

Next, we have the poaching technique. It’s a kind of moist-heat cooking method. We need to plunge the ingredients in a kind of liquid such as wine, milk, water, and others. Even though it belongs in the same category as boiling and simmering, we need only use low temperature to cook the food. The low range temperature is quite suitable for poultry, eggs, fruit, and fish. Any chefs should try this technique as it’s considered a healthier method of cooking. It also doesn’t include fat in the process. However, there are some reports regarding the mutagen risk if we use the method too often. The reason isn’t fully understood.

5. Leaching / Parboiling

This one is also interesting to try. Parboiling is the half-done food boiling as the initial phase of cooking. The basic use of this technique is to remove bad and poisonous substances from the food. We can also use it to soften veggies before we roast them. Actually, it isn’t a complete cooking technique as we need to use the other ones such as stir-frying, grilling, and braising. We get good benefits from it, though.

6. Air Frying

Now let’s talk about the current trend of cooking food. It’s by using an air fryer. This kitchen appliance helps us cook food by flowing hot air around the foodstuff. There’s a circulation mechanism within the appliance and it will circulate the hot air thoroughly around the food. As a result, we can get crispier layer upon the cooking. The average heat of the air circulation is 200 Celsius. The air fryer is the best to cook foods like fish, chips, pastries, and chicken. We don’t need to use too much oil too. Air Fryer Guide has a lot of information comparing different air fryers.

The air fryers usually come with timer knobs and changeable temperature. It means that we can be more precise when cooking. The foodstuff will be circulated in the cooking basket. We can’t include many foods at once, though. When it is about the brands, we can choose based on the market’s popularity. These products claim to save more cooking oil as compared to others. The important question is whether it is safe or not. Health is an important concern when it comes to cooking. All chefs understand it the most, actually.

An air fryer is considered more efficient and healthier than others. Why? We won’t get much fat from the cooking. Who should use it? Those who love fried food should try the new method to cook their favored recipes. Not to mention the fryer is easy to clean as well. When it is about the efficacy, the air fryer cooks faster. The temperature spreads thoroughly so it cooks in a more efficient way than regular fryers. As a result, we won’t spend too much time waiting for the oil to be heated. Let’s compare it with frying pan. We need to heat the oil by using an appropriate temperature. It takes quite a time before we can fry the food.

In a nutshell, an air fryer gives faster and healthier way of cooking. If we want to reduce weight, we must take advantage of this fryer. We can’t reduce the fat of the food without losing the taste. The next question is regarding where we can buy the product. As it’s a new item on the market, we rarely find it in local stores. Thus, we should look at the online stores instead. There are many brands to choose and we should know how to compare them. Spending our time reviewing those air fryers is worth the effort. We will get the best product at the most reasonable price.