Where are the Jobs?

Where are the Jobs?

The advantage of working part-time while attending school goes beyond the extra money that comes with doing so. Being able to balance school work with a part-time job will do you a whole lot of good in terms of your ability to multitask and you are going to find that quite useful later in life. But where are the jobs for teens?

Where to Look for Jobs

There are many sectors in which a teenager can seek part-time employment. But child labor laws restrict young people below certain age threshold from being offered employment in a handful of sectors. The following are few of the best places to look if you are among those asking where are the jobs.

Retail – The retail sector has traditionally been the leading provider of jobs for young people. Your job will mostly involve staying behind a counter and attending to customers as they come around when working in retail. Restocking may also be part of your duties. You must be the patient type to enjoy working in retail, however.

Food service – This is another area where young people are usually in high demand for employment. A popular position is that of a waiter or waitress who attends to tables and ensures customers get quality service while eating. Busser and dishwasher are two of the other roles you may be eligible to apply for in food service businesses.

Construction – If you are at least 14 years old, you may be able to find a job in construction, but you will not be allowed to work on sites unless you are at least 16 years of age. There was a decline in the number of jobs available for young people in the sector during the recession, but things have started improving in recent years. Typical jobs include runners, flaggers, carpenters and landscape assistants.

In addition to the above sectors, health, warehouse and distribution, and hospitality are some of the others you may wish to check out when asking the question of where are the jobs.

Finding Suitable Jobs

There are certainly businesses in your locality that are engaged in at least one of the sectors mentioned earlier. You can just walk into these places and make enquiry on available opening. But first, you need to arm yourself with a well-prepared resume, just in case there are openings. It is essential to dress smart as well. Older family friends and neighbors may also be informed of your ongoing job search.

In addition, there are online platforms you may use to search for teen jobs. An example is the search page on MyFirstPaycheck.com which allows you to search for your ideal job without leaving your comfort zone. You only need to enter a job title or keyword and your preferred location to find available jobs near you. Advanced search options let you refine what sorts of jobs are delivered in search results.

Where are the jobs? The sectors mentioned in this piece are not the only ones where teens may find
jobs, but they are among the areas that offer the most opportunities of part-time work to young people.

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Jobs in Maine

Maine is situated in the easternmost section of the United States. Placed in the New England region, the state is bordered by the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, the Atlantic Ocean and New Hampshire. It is a great place to both work and raise a family with its rich natural landscape and scenic waterways. If you are someone considering jobs in Maine, you can find all you need to know about working in the state in this piece.

About Maine

The area where Maine now stands was inhabited entirely by indigenous peoples for thousands of years and the first European settlers did not arrive here until 1604. It belonged to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until 1820 when it was admitted as the 23rd member of the Union under the Missouri Compromise. Maine is seen as the 39th most-extensive state in the U.S. Its capital city is Augusta while the largest city is Portland. While working on jobs in Maine, you will find the state a great place to raise a family as well with its low crime rates.

Leading Industries in Maine

In the earlier years, Maine was known for paper making and shipbuilding as well as agriculture. Commercial fishing was the mainstay of the state economy at a time. While those industries are still relevant today, a dramatic change in recent years means greater number of jobs in Maine can be found in other industries such as health care, tourism, retail, education services and construction.

It has been estimated that almost one in 10 persons in Maine works in the healthcare sector, including social assistance workers. Healthcare positions have been among the fastest growing jobs in Maine for the last decade, with health worker per capita in the state greater than the average for the entire country.

Trailing behind healthcare in terms of job provision in Maine is retail, a sector which rebounded faster than many others following the recession and accounting for over six percent of jobs in the state. Tourism and outdoor recreation businesses also create significant amount of jobs in Maine, a state which is a favorite location for sport hunting, sport fishing and snowmobiling, among other exciting outdoor activities.

Some of the jobs you can expect to land, as a young person, include the following:

  • Sales assistant
  • Office assistant
  • Reservation agent
  • Housekeeper
  • Cashier
  • Customer service representative
  • Support worker
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Busser or dishwasher

Searching for Jobs in Maine

You can search for available openings in Maine easily from the comfort of your home. Simply visit jobs.myfirstpaycheck.com and find whatever you desire. Just enter a job title or keyword – you may even enter the name of any company you will like to work with, if you have one in mind already. Next you enter the name of your city, state or zip code for only openings in your area to be returned in the search results. You can further refine your search by clicking on the “Advanced Job Search.”

Maine is a great state to consider when interested in working in healthcare, tourism, retail, education or construction sector. It is also one of the safest states to live in the U.S.

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Jobs For 19 Year Olds

An increasing number of young people are shifting focus from pursuing further education in colleges and universities to search for jobs, no thanks to rising cost of getting a degree and uncertainty in the economy. This is why more people are interested in jobs for 19 year olds these days. Perhaps, you are a 19-year-old and wondering what job you are qualified to do without needing to have a degree. You are in the right place.

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Jobs For 18 Year Olds

Turning 18 years of age has several benefits and responsibilities that come with it because, at that age, you are considered a young adult. This means you are now qualified to do many of the jobs you were previously not permitted to when you were younger. If you are new adult or know someone who is, the information provided here on jobs for 18-year-olds is helpful when looking for a job.

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Jobs for 17 Year Olds

Maybe you are a 17-year-old and currently looking to get a job for one reason or the other. It could well be a case of you trying to find such a job for your teenage child or ward. You are in the right place! In this piece, you will find information on some jobs for 17 year-olds available to complement a teen’s allowance and help such have some work experience under his or her belt.

Finding Jobs for 17-Year-Olds

There are federal laws regulating what work can or cannot be done by young people below 18 years as well as imposing hour limits. In the case of jobs for 17-year-olds, there is no limit on the number of hours you can work, but you are not qualified to do jobs that are considered hazardous.

While finding a job, it is important to considering going for one that fits your personality. Otherwise, you may find the experience an unpleasant one. It is more common to see jobs having 18 years as the minimum age, but some of these jobs are indeed what a 17-year-old can do. Retail as well as food and restaurant businesses are among major providers of jobs for 17-year-olds.

Some Jobs for 17-Year-Olds


This is a good job option for 17-year-olds with good social skills and those who do not get angry easily. Being a waiter or waitress helps you build on your sales and customer service skills. The most interesting thing is that you get to receive handsome tips if you are nice to certain customers.

Retail worker

As noted previously, retail businesses are among the leading providers of jobs for 17-year-olds. You can get a job as a retail worker as well. This type of jobs is often very flexible, easily fitting into your schedule without hindering your school activities. A popular retail position for 17-year-olds is that of a cashier.

Model / Movie Extra

Modeling and filling simple extra roles in movies is a job anyone can do at any age. Modeling is fun, rewarding, unpredictable, and at times, it can be a lot of work. If you are interested in becoming a model the first step is to create a profile with a modeling agency that places you in front of advertisers and movie casting professionals.


It’s likely you may balk at this idea. Do not. You see, you need not be a whiz kid to be able to teach a younger person. You only need to be good enough in one or two subjects to teach someone in a lower class. You can reach out to parents or join a daycare center as a teacher assistant.


If you are into kids, you can consider babysitting jobs. These jobs are especially a popular option for young people below 18 years. Classes are offered by the Red Cross for would-be babysitters. You can sign up for one to improve your chances of landing a good job using services such as Sitter City.

Freelance writer

You could also decide to work for yourself by venturing into freelance writing. There are numerous sites online in need of content, which their owners are probably too busy to prepare. You can make your services available to such people via sites such as oDesk and Freelancer, if you have good writing skills, and get paid.


Blogging is another thing you can consider to make extra money to spend. There is virtually no age restriction to start and there are several blogging platforms you can use for free. You can blog on any topics you have special interest in. Once you have significant traffic to your site, you can start making money by displaying ads and referring visitors to products or other sites.

Hope you find the above information useful in your search for jobs for 17-year-olds.

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