8 Great Summer Jobs

8 Great Summer Jobs

Summer is a great time to have fun outdoors. It is also a great time for young people to make extra money by taking on jobs. Here we present 8 great summer jobs that teens can engage in, earn and have a wonderful time.

Retail sales Clerk

Retail businesses are one of the primary providers of jobs for teens during summer. These businesses love working with young people because of their exuberance and readiness to learn in most cases. The usual work you can expect to handle in retail stores is that of a sales clerk. Your duty will consist mainly in attending to customers and assisting with other store operations. Pay is about $10 an hour – one of the highest for teen jobs.

Food service job

During summer, businesses in the food industry such as fast food outlets, restaurants and ice cream shops usually experience surge in patronage. Therefore, these businesses do bring on extra hands to help in serving customers. Teens fit perfectly into these roles. You do not even need to be a high school graduate to qualify for food service jobs.

Camp counselor

Summer is a favorite time of the year for all sorts of children camp events. Organizers of these camps regularly need counselors to help with activities. Your task as a camp counselor could range from setting up to supervising the children. The pay might not be the best there is, but you can gain useful work experience doing this.


Swimming is one of the most preferred activities that people love to engage in during summer. Lifeguards are required at beaches and swimming pools to ensure that swimmers do not get drowned while trying to have fun. You may find working as a lifeguard in summer a very enjoyable job and it opens up opportunity to meet new people. However, training such as that provided by the American Red Cross will be essential.

Tour guide

Many people love to go on vacation to different destinations during the summer. Tour guide is a job that teens can easily get from these places, with your duty being to guide visitors on tours of the places. This job also gives you opportunity to meet new friends and expand your network for later in life.

Amusement park job

Recreational centers and amusement parks are among the great places to look for a job in the summer. Teens can get jobs of guiding younger children in diverse activities. Your job could range from preparing venue for events to teaching kids how to play a sport.

Lawn care job

There are many people who do not have the time to spare to take care of their lawns and gardens during summer. This provides opportunity for you to provide lawn care services to them and get paid. You will fit well into this role if you are not bothered about getting dirty to earn your money. If you are diligent at your job, you may already be advertising yourself to other people in the area without you being aware of it.


Babysitting is a favorite job among young people, more specifically among girls. It is an all-year-round job, so it is a great one for summer. Your main responsibilities as a babysitter could include feeding and bathing young children and helping older kids with their homework. This is a great job for you, if you love small children. Red Cross training will help you immensely when looking for babysitting jobs. So will being babysitter certified and CPR certified.

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