Airport Jobs

Airport Jobs

A career of working in an airport setting is one that is sure to be quite exciting for many people because every day brings along a new exciting experience. Different types of workers and professionals are required to get things running smoothly in an airport, making such places perfect direction to look towards when in need of a job. Interestingly, a good number of available jobs do not require a college degree to take up. This post will provide you with information on the sorts of jobs you can expect to find in an average UK airport and where you can check out openings.

Airport Jobs in the UK

As someone interested in airport jobs in the UK, you will be happy to learn that such jobs are not in short supply. This is because the country plays host to some of the busiest airports not only in the continent of Europe but anywhere around the globe. The UK’s largest airport London Heathrow handles more than 70 million passengers annually. The London Gatwick Airport, which handled over 35 million passengers in 2013, is the busiest single-runway airport in the world. There are over three dozens more major air travel facilities spread across the UK. So you can see airport jobs are not hard to come by.

Some of the popular airport jobs include:

Airline pilot jobs – These jobs are the ones that come readily to mind when talking about airport jobs. Airline pilots are trained to fly both passengers and cargo.

Flight attendant jobs – A person working as flight attendant, air hostess, or cabin crew member is charged with the duty of ensuring the well-being of passengers on flights. Customer service skills are useful to succeed on this job. Flight attendants constitute a significant portion of total airport jobs.

Air Traffic Controller jobs – The main duty of an air traffic controller is to facilitate timely takeoffs and coordinate safe landings of aircraft without any accident on runways. A degree is usually required to work as one and the pay is good.

Security jobs – As can be deduced from its title, this type of jobs involves ensuring security of people, goods and property at the airport. Security personnel look out for suspicious activities, check identification and scan baggage.

Finding Airport Jobs

When it comes to finding airport jobs or determining the type suitable to your person, Airport Career ( offers resources you will find quite helpful for your search. You can find useful information on jobs available at different airports across the UK as well as descriptions and what you can expect on each job.

You will also find an Airport Jobs board on the Airport Career website where you will find all current jobs available at or in the vicinity of all the airports in the UK. In addition to the popular jobs previously mentioned, the following are some of the other jobs you may come across on the job board:

* Customer service agent jobs
* Sales assistant jobs
* Call centre jobs
* Passenger service agent jobs
* Driver jobs
* Aircraft cleaner jobs
* Baggage handler jobs
* Mechanics jobs
* Line jobs

Obviously, airport jobs are available in several different areas, including engineering, food service, terminal operations and marketing.

Apart from the exciting experience these jobs promise, some of them come with several attractive benefits. These include life insurance, reduced fares, comprehensive medical plans and generous retirement plans.

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