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Unconventional Job Hunting Tips for Teens

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While I haven’t been a teenager in many years, I can still remember begging my parents for money. Seeing the latest movie, playing the latest videogames, they all required money; which I didn’t have. Therefore, I started my first job when I was 15 and have never looked back.

However, getting a job at 15 wasn’t the easiest endeavor. I didn’t want to be the stereotypical teenager delivering your newspaper or flipping your burgers. So I began hunting for non-traditional jobs. This required some ingenuity on my part though.

Here are three unconventional job tips for teenagers in need of employment:

Put Passions Aside

I’m sure at some point in your life, your parents or a school counselor has told you to “follow your passion.” In other words, pursue jobs and career paths that lead you to your dream job. What if I told you that this is poor advice?

As a teenager, chances are good that your passions can change. For example, when I was 16 I wanted to be an architect because that is what interested me. Ten years later, I am now the proud owner of a vegetarian restaurant and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, most folks who actually enjoy their job didn’t get there by pursuing their passion(s).

Sell Yourself

When an employer wants to hire someone, it is because there is a problem that needs to be fixed. As a job seeker, you want to sell yourself as the solution to fix that problem. This is especially true during a job interview. If you were asked to come in for an interview, it is because an employer saw something in you. Use this knowledge to highlight your strengths and positive attributes.

Even before landing an interview, you can take proactive measures to promote yourself as a competent, hard worker deserving of a job. Business cards, pens, and little trinkets branded with your contact information work wonders for exposure. Most of these promotional items can be purchased and customized through Quality Logo Products. These items can be left just about anywhere, but they are highly effective when included with a resume.

Go Beyond the Application

If you’re like me then you lack the attention span to spend countless hours sifting through a plethora of job boards. Moreover, the act of filling out an application has become a meticulous and lengthy endeavor. Instead of filling out an application the instant you find it, hold off for just a moment.

Once you find a position you’re interested, take note of the company name and contact details. Do some research on the company and identify their administrative staff. You can typically find a personal email or phone number for a high-level—CEO, supervisor, general manager, etc.—member of that company’s management structure. Reach out to one of these people and introduce yourself.

Nine times out of ten, you can find out more about the job you’re interested in. Because you have already spoken with someone and introduced yourself, your application doesn’t appear as a stack of resumes. Instead, someone knows who you are and why you’re potentially a great candidate for hire.

Cover Letters

If your applying for a teen job and you don’t have a cover letter forget about your resume. We live in the information age, time is money and there is guaranteed to be many applicants that are more qualified and experienced than you. Potential employers don’t have the time or the desire to sift through needless amounts of information. The first impression you give may be the last if you don’t get the cover letter right. So what exactly is the deal with a cover letter and why are they so important? Teen jobs are not about your qualifications or experience.

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Government Internships

An internship is a creative way of applying knowledge, usually learned in school, to “real life” situations. Internships are opportunities to refine skills and increase personal competency. A practical application of education can better help employees understand where their skills and knowledge can be effectively exercised. There are internships offered in most industries, all around the country, but government positions are among the most sought after and have professional importance.

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Resort Jobs

Though it may appear otherwise from the outside, working in a resort is hardly a vacation. But working in a resort adds something to a resume: it shows any future employers that, based on your past successes as a hospitality worker, you are fully committed to customer satisfaction. Plus, the tips from generous tourists tend to run high.

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Teen Internships

The benefits of working as an intern are endless. In addition to improving personal skills, an internship provides teens with the opportunity to make valuable connections that could lead to future jobs. Internships also give teen job seekers the ability to gain insight about the type of work they would like to do after college.

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High School Jobs

High school represents a pivotal time in the development of a person’s character: it is a period in which many vital life lessons should be learnt, and it culminates (for most people at least) in a person becoming an adult, in the legal sense of the word. In order for students to get the most out of their high school years, they need to make sure that they have dialled in a few (or at least one) high school jobs, as otherwise they will not be harvesting the full maturation experience that high school should represent in the average person’s life.

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Summer Jobs

Summer jobs, winter jobs, and all seasonal jobs are great options for young teens and teen job seekers that are looking for ways to get their feet wet in the business world.

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Youth Jobs

It is simply never too early to think about joining the workforce, either as a preliminary stint in a sector which a youth might be considering a future in, or just as a temporary gig to gain some income and resume fodder.

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Seasonal Jobs 

For most kids, there are certain times of the year that are best for working. When school just gets out, you’ll need some quick cash.

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Student Jobs 

It is hard for the average student to juggle academic responsibilities and a social life. Balance in life brings rewards now and in the future.

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