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How to Become a Pilot

Do you dream of a career as a pilot? If yes, chances are that you do not know what it takes to become one. This post is intended to provide you with useful ideas and tips on how to become a pilot. So without further ado, let’s start.

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How to Become a Lawyer

The legal profession is a very prestigious one. Lawyers are well-respected in the society and ranks among the best-paid professionals anywhere. It is not surprising then to see many young people aspiring to become one someday. This post is aimed at guiding those interested in knowing how to become a lawyer. We present some useful tips below.

Start early

It is ideal to start working toward becoming a lawyer right from the time you are in high school, rather than waiting until when you are about to enter college. You should aim at and work hard toward attaining good grades while in high school. It is equally advisable to seize every opportunity to participate in public speaking events such as debates.

Obtain an undergraduate degree

Law schools in the country require prospective students to have an undergraduate degree, so you will have to attend a 4-year college specializing in one of the fields that are approved by the law school you have in focus. The more popular undergraduate majors of prospective law school students include English, government, political science, history, philosophy and economics. Be actively involved in student organizations and grab every opportunity to develop your public-speaking skills while in college.

Take and pass LSAT

It is required for prospective law students to take and pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) before being considered for admission. This is a requirement not only by all law schools accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), but also by a good number of non-ABA-accredited law schools as well as schools in Canada. Many of these schools require that the test be taken latest by December for fall admission.

Attend law school

You have the option of proceeding to law school immediately after obtaining your undergraduate degree, and passing LSAT, or you may work for some years with the degree earned before starting your application to law schools. It is advisable to exercise due diligence when choosing schools by considering ABA accreditation status. Take note of school fees when applying and resist being tempted by application fee waivers sent by some of these schools. Be serious with your program and endeavor to get close to some of your professors when in. You will usually be required to take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) after your first year. Choose a law specialty that you are very comfortable with when the time comes for that.

Get experience

While in law school, it is recommended that you endeavor to garner work experience in law firms. You should aim to undertake at least one summer internship program. This not only enables you gain useful experience, but also build a network of people you may need in future.

Pass bar exam

Before you can practice after completing law school, you must take and pass the bar exam as stipulated by the highest court in the state you aim to practice. This exam is usually taken the summer after graduation. In addition to passing the bar exam, a board of examiners will also assess your worthiness to be called to the bar before granting licensure.

There you have the average steps involved in becoming a lawyer. It should be noted that it does not end with getting a license to practice. You will also need to continue building on your knowledge, taking special courses at least every three years.

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How to Become a Pharmacist

A pharmacist is a professional who is qualified to prepare and dispense medications to patients, while advising them on the proper use of these drugs. Pharmacists are among the top-paid healthcare professionals, and rightly so, given the number of years they usually spend to acquire essential knowledge and skills. The profession also has great prospect, with job growth of around 14 percent projected from 2012 to 2022. The aim with this piece is to guide you on how to become a pharmacist, if that happens to be your career goal or you are just thinking about the possibility.

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How to Become a Model

The glitz and glamour of the modeling world are top reasons why many young people take special interest in it. As a teen, chances are that you have wondered about how to become a model at one time or the other. This post provides guidance on what you need to know and do to become a model.

Take care of your appearance

As you probably know already, look is a great asset when it comes to modeling. It is therefore important for you to ensure you take good care of your body and appearance. You will need to eat healthy and avoid junk foods. It is also vital to get enough hours of sleep every day.

Get your parents’ approval

You will need to tell your parents about your interest in modeling for their approval before going any further. If you are below 18, no agency will be willing to sign a contract with you without the consent of your parents. Besides, getting their approval will ensure you have people to fall back on when the challenges of being a model start to creep in.

Enroll in a modeling school

Becoming a model goes beyond just having the look. There are some other essentials that you need to possess and you may get help in acquiring these through a modeling school. This is one of the reasons you need your parents behind you, as the cost of attending a school might be too high for you to handle alone. However, all hope is not lost if you are unable to attend a modeling school.

Create a portfolio

Never mind the high-sounding name. A modeling portfolio is merely a bound book containing your professionally taken photographs. Now, you may find professional photography services rather steep to use, but that should not be the end of the road. You can find a good photography school student or a photographer off sites, such as Craigslist or Model Mayhem, who is looking to build a portfolio of work. Such a photographer will usual charge lower fees or even snap you for free. Collect the best shots, including head- and full-body shots, taken and create an impressive portfolio with them.

Participate in pageants and gigs

When it comes to how to become a model for teens, participation in pageants can be quite helpful. You could gain useful experience this way and build on needed confidence as well. In addition, look around for modeling gigs you are qualified to be part of. The Internet is a very useful means of finding these gigs.

Find and sign with an agency

Modeling agencies offers you a proven means of attaining your dream of becoming a model. You will need to find and contact some of these agencies, who do have open call days when new modeling talents are selected. You could approach modeling agencies in person to inquire about such open days or check their websites for useful information. If you are lucky enough to be offered a contract by a reliable agency, you will need to fully read and understand its terms, preferably with your parents, before putting pen to paper. You should be wary of agencies requesting high upfront fees.

It is not enough to just talk about how to become a model. It is equally important to point out that it takes hard work, persistence and endurance to get what you want.

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How To Make Money As A Photographer

Images have a way of succinctly delivering messages and assist in preserving memories or scenes we would love to relive over and again. Little wonder then that many people these days take special interest in photography, especially with camera on virtually all new mobile devices. If you have photography as a hobby, do you know there is opportunity for you to make money by doing what you love? This piece addresses how to make money as a photographer.

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How To Work From Your iPhone

There has been a massive explosion in the number of smartphone users over the last few years. Majority of the population, especially young people, now use one of these devices or another, with Apple iPhone becoming something of a household name. But do you actually know that you can make money using the internet data on your smartphone from anywhere? You only need to have some apps on your device in most cases and you are good to go! Here are some cool ways you can go about making money with your smartphone.

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8 Great Summer Jobs

Summer is a great time to have fun outdoors. It is also a great time for young people to make extra money by taking on jobs. Here we present 8 great summer jobs that teens can engage in, earn and have a wonderful time.

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College Job Search Guide

The common practice among a good number of college students before now was to wait until their final year to start planning for the career life that lies ahead of them. However, harsher economic realities have greatly altered this approach. More students now begin their search for jobs from the very first year in college and schools are becoming increasingly helpful in this regard. Here is a college job search guide to help you in your job quest right from your first year.

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25 Ways To Make Money

No matter how much or how little your allowance is, extra bucks will still find good use all the time. Here are 25 ways you can go about making some extra cash to complement your spending money.

1. Surveys

You can make money by taking online surveys. Once you are at least 13 years old, you can share your opinions for money.

2. Tutoring

If there is a subject you are good at, opportunity exists for you to make money with that knowledge. Think about it. You are certainly good at something that can benefit others and for which you can get paid.

3. Design logo

There are many small businesses and blogs in need of logos. This is an opportunity for moneymaking if you are good at designing logos.

4. Freelance writing

Can you string together series of coherent sentences easily? If yes, you may want to consider writing freelance on sites such as oDesk, Freelancer and Craigslist.

5. Website building

A great way to make money is website building or development, if you are one of the highly tech-savvy teens. This task pays good money.

6. Sell on eBay or Amazon

The secret to making money this way lies in your ability to get cheaper deals elsewhere. You can resell cheap items for profit on these sites.

7. Blogging

You can set up a blog where you share information on topics that interest you. Traffic or blog visits can be monetized by displaying ads.

8. Sell articles

Articles prepared by you can also be sold on sites offering such as Helium and Constant Content, if they are of good enough quality and original.

9. Mystery Shopping

You can as well make money by working as a mystery shopper. Shopping tasks are assigned to you. Just complete them and get paid. Interesting, right?

10. Paid to Shop

It is true that many of us love shopping. But do you know you can make money while at it? Apps like Ibotta make that possible.

11. Smartphone moneymaking

It is interestingly possible to turn your smartphone into a moneymaking tool. Apps such as Gigwalk and CheckPoints let you complete simple tasks for cash or points.

12. Sell used books

If you have eyes for great books, you can buy used copies of such from thrift stores or garage sales and resell the books for profits on platforms such as Book Scouter.

13. Virtual call center agent

You could make up to $14 per hour working as a virtual call center agent taking support calls for diverse companies. Such jobs can be found on some websites online.

14. Website testing

Sometimes, website owners pay people like you money just to test their websites and provide feedback. This is an easy way to make money.

15. Sell photos

Your digital camera, or even the camera on your smartphone, can fetch you good money. If you do take quality images, you can sell them on sites such as Shutterstock and Dreamstime.

16. Teach English

Another way you can make money is by teaching English online. Many people in Asia are willing to pay to be taught the language.

17. Write for revenue-sharing sites

Hubpages and similar sites allow young people to join, write and share in revenue made from ads displayed on content pages.

18. Answering questions

You can also make money by posting answers to questions online via sites like Web Answers. You earn when the answer you provide is chosen as the best.

19. YouTube Videos

Another good way of making extra bucks is by creating and uploading quality videos to YouTube. You earn from the ads displayed for your videos.

20. Car wash

As a teen, you can be providing car wash services to family friends and neighbors. You may work with your friends to do this.

21. Garage sales

Chances are you have items you no longer use or do not need. These can be converted into cash by holding a garage sale.

22. Babysitting

You can offer to help family friends and neighbors to babysit their kids or register on a website to find jobs. It helps to be a certified babysitter to succeed at this. There are online certification courses in babysitting and CPR available.

23. Lawn care

You may as well decide to start providing lawn care services in your neighborhood such as shoveling snow off lawns or packing away fall leaves.

24. Pet care

There are people who are willing to pay to have someone walk, wash or train their pets. This is something most teens should be able to do and even enjoy.

25. Recycle

You can equally make money recycling cans and scrap metals. Not only will you make money, but you will also be contributing your bit in protecting the environment.

There you have 25 ways to make money as a teen. You should be able to find one or two things you can do from the list.

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How to Become a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are integral part of the air travel industry. It is their duty to ensure that passengers feel comfortable and safe during flights. Working as a flight attendant gives you the opportunity to be in many places around the world you would otherwise probably only dream of. Perhaps, you are attracted by the opportunities and experiences this career offers and you are wondering how to become a flight attendant. This post provides helpful tips on how to do just that.

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