Earning Extra Money: How to Find Work as a Tutor

Earning Extra Money: How to Find Work as a Tutor

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It is not easy to find a job. If you need to make a little extra money, you may have to think outside the box.

Private tutoring is a great way for a student to earn some cash to help themselves get by. Because you are in school and studying already, you likely know a lot about a variety of topics. While you must have a PGCE in order to teach in a school, you do not need any such qualifications in order to tutor students privately.

Does this sound interesting to you? Read on for more information.


You can earn a lot as a private tutor. Rates certainly vary depending on the subject involved and your physical location. However, it is fair to ask for between £25 and £35 an hour. There are not many other places where you can earn that kind of money!


When it is time to apply for jobs, private tutoring experience looks great. A prospective employer can see that you have initiative and that you are willing to work hard. In addition, if you want to secure a position at a graduate school, there is no better experience than tutoring. It definitely gives you a leg up over other students that simply worked in a retail store.

Flexible Hours

When you tutor, you set your own schedule. Work when you want and take off when you need to. This enables you to focus on your own studies so that your grades do not suffer. In addition, you may even be able to tutor over the Internet, which saves you time (and money) on commuting!

If these benefits sound great to you, and you feel like you could handle tutoring, make sure to review these last few points before you get started.

CRB Checks

Think about getting a CRB check if you are tutoring children under the age of eighteen. Most parents will look for this before hiring you suggest James Goldsmith of a tutoring company offering 11 plus tutors in Colchester.


As a private tutor, you are self-employed. That means you need to register with HMRC. You still have to pay your taxes, and you need to think about that in advance so that you do not get caught owing a lot of money at the end of the year. However, your earnings do need to exceed a certain amount of money before you owe any tax.

Some people even find that they decide to tutor full time and sort out a registered office address, go limited and begin their own business by branching out.


Come up with a contract that goes over the relationship you will have with your students. For instance, the contract should outline what you will be paid and when you will work. If you have this ready to go in advance, you will find that everything runs more smoothly.


You can earn quite a bit of money as a private tutor. As you think about what you want to charge, remember that you have complete control. It may be best, however, to start at the low end of the range until you become more proficient as a tutor.

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