First-time Teen Resume Tips

First-time Teen Resume Tips

Writing your first resume is something a lot of teens worry about when they’re preparing to look for their first job. But creating a resume doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. All you have to do is remain focused on the purpose of a resume, that is to get interest and interviews, and the rest will fall into place.

This is your first job so all your resume has to do is work to get you the interview that you need to get the job that you want. All it has to do is answer the employer’s question about whether or not you will be able to add value to his or her company.

So make the goal of your resume to clearly communicate your strengths to your prospective employer. This way you’ll effectively answer the employer’s question and make yourself a better candidate for the job.

Don’t worry that you might not have enough experience to make an interesting resume. No one expects you to have mounds of information or experience on your resume. Besides, once you start thinking about it, you’ll probably surprise yourself with the skills that you do have.

Your resume will be unique to you and depend on your interests, your personality, and what you did before you started looking for a paying job. A few things to put into your first resume could be:
· any technical or computer skills you may have
· any major school accomplishments like a high GPA
· any work experience you might have, be it paid or unpaid

Use action words, like organized and created, to describe your work experiences. And if you can, get someone else to critique your resume. It’s always very difficult to find minor errors in your own work because you’re so close to it. A fresh set of eyes will help you make your resume as polished as possible.

Always type your resume on good quality white paper. Make sure there are no ink smudges or dirt and creases on the paper. Try to keep your resume to one page.

An eye-catching resume is as important as a resume with great content. Remember, the employer will be looking at possibly hundreds of resumes. He or she will be human if his or her eyes get sore. So, many employers will immediately toss away the resumes that look to cluttered, too difficult to read, or are dirty and unprofessional looking.

You have approximately 20 to 30 seconds to entice the interviewer to read your resume. So do your best to make yours stand out without resorting to colored text or flashy paper. If you can, avoid the resume templates in MS Word everyone uses. Or if you need to use one of these templates, modify it so that it looks different.

Always make sure you include all contact information on every resume. Contact information like name, address, phone number and email address are usually what employers look for.

Some employers request references immediately. If they do, go ahead and give the references as long as you’ve already gotten the okay from the people you want as your references. Otherwise, state that references are available upon request.

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