Follow Up For The Job

Follow Up For The Job

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While you have completed your job application process, don’t just wait and watch. Keep trying for other jobs of interest. We’ll also help you out by sending an email whenever we get a job that matches your skills. So, it’s important that you check mails sent by us as they will contain possible teen job openings that fit you in your in your area.

After applying, if you don’t hear anything from the employer, you may want to call and follow up with your job application. When you call be professional. Think as if you were called for an interview (check out our interview tips). You should be ready with your resume and references. Talk to the HR/ hiring manager. You can ask the status of your application and if they insist for an on-the-spot interview, well, what could be better than that?

If within two or three days you’re you do not receive a call. Don’t worry! They may still be considering applicants for the job. But if you really did not get it think of what went wrong. Check out your profile again. Ask someone to give his or her honest opinion. Edit it with careful review. Also you should make sure that you have made your self-available for business hours. Perhaps your schedule is not matching with most employers. Maximize your chances by adjusting your schedule.

You can also send a hand-written ‘Thank you’ letter to the employer to show that extra little bit of intention and desire to receive the job. You must write it by yourself and NOT email it. Try to make it personal. Write the name of the hiring manager if you know it. Also include your phone number so that they can contact you if they want. Don’t forget to include that you appreciate and are happy that they’re considering your resume and that you’re a great candidate for the job.

Don’t get frustrated if you still don’t hear from the employer. There can be many reasons for that. Maybe they’re still evaluating all the candidates. But whatever may be the cause, it certainly doesn’t mean you’re not a good candidate. You should continue your job hunt with the same zeal. We have tons of teen jobs waiting for you.

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