How Drinking And Driving Can Ruin Your Career

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How Drinking And Driving Can Ruin Your Career

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Many times people will wake up sleeping comfortably on an unknown couch missing most or all of their clothing and stumble to their feet. A night has passed so it is perfectly fine to get into the car and drive home. However, the alcohol that is flowing through your bloodstream does not dissipate that quickly. While you may not feel stone drunk anymore, you are still under the influence of alcohol.

One of the most important steps is to not step behind the steering wheel of your car, or you may find yourself in front of a judge. While not every job is going to be potentially affected by a drunk driving conviction, there will always be ramifications to deal with.

Does Your Employer Have To Be Notified?

It is best to review your employee contract to determine if you are required to declare a drunk driving offense suggests Ian Beevis of drink driving insurer If you do not have a contract, a simple check through an employee handbook should give you the answers you seek. If you are required to drive on the job it is worth noting that almost all convictions will require an automatic driving ban. If nothing has been stated in any of the previous conditions, there is no reason why you should have to announce it.

Can You Lose Your Job?

Once again this is all dependent on the type of job you have. If you are required to drive for your employer, you may very well lose your job. If you are discovered driving drunk in a company car or on the job, you can be terminated. To understand all of your rights, talk to a manager or a drunk driving offense solicitor.

Will I Lose My License?

In almost all cases, this is a definite. This decision will lay solely on the judge. If he sees that there are special circumstances involved or you depend on your license to survive there may be a chance. However, most times you will have to become dependent on friends and public transportation.

Professional Associations

Many times people do not realize that they can be ejected from professional associations due to a criminal record. Most clubs will make you reveal any record you have including drunk driving convictions, but may be willing to work with you. It is best to read any literature that the association has published about joining and understand that most will do a background check. With that in mind, always be honest about any previous conviction.

Background Checks

If you are looking for a position that deals with young children or vulnerable adults, a background check will almost always be issued. Most of the times these background checks will only ask for basic disclosure, but more thorough checks are involved for serious positions.

You cannot believe that have a drunk driving offense on your record will not hurt your prospects in life. There are many people looking for jobs and that one stain on your record can ruin your chances. Drunk driving is still looked down upon in our society. It is so important to never get behind the wheel under any conditions. Do not put your entire life on the line. Be cautious and simply do not get behind the wheel after a drink.

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