How to Get a Job at The Ballpark

How to Get a Job at The Ballpark

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in North America, with people usually flocking to stadiums in droves whenever teams are playing. If you happen to be a baseball fan, you might have considered the possibility of working at the ballpark. There are different kinds of jobs that you can apply for and some of these jobs do not have minimum educational qualifications. But what jobs can you get at a ballpark and how do you go about applying for one?

Some Ballpark Jobs

As previously noted, there are usually several types of jobs that are available in an average baseball organization. But as a young person, the following are few of the jobs you may be qualified to apply for at a ballpark.

Vendor – When you go to a baseball game, you would usually see a people selling snacks, drinks and other consumables. These are vendors. They are usually categorized into two, namely: stationary and mobile vendors. The stationary sellers usually vend at fixed spots at a ballpark, while the mobile vendors move from place to place.

Ticket agent – You may also work as one of the workers in charge of ticket operations. As a ticket agent, your duty is to sell tickets to those attending games. Ticket agents could possibly double as vendors of merchandise.

Maintenance worker – There are those working behind the scene to ensure everything is in order at ballparks. Maintenance staff takes care of pitch, stands and walkways. As one of this type of workers, you may also be assigned to bathrooms and other areas around the park in need of maintenance.

These are just few of the jobs you can get at a ballpark, even without completing high school or college. You should expect to earn slightly above the minimum wage when working at some of these jobs with little or no educational requirements. Positions such as chef, cooks, cashiers and assistant managers pay better wages and have higher requirements.

Getting a Job at the Ballpark

Major league baseball teams often list available openings on MLB’s official site. You simply navigate to the page of your preferred team on the site and click on the link for available job opportunities. It is also common for some teams to contract concession services to outside companies. For instance, the Yankees use Legends Hospitality LLC for this purpose. There are also job boards such as Work In Sports where you may find useful information on available jobs. You may simply walk in and inquire at the ballpark about openings as well, but that should ideally be done on days with no game.

At this point, it is important to note that you are not the only person interested in getting a job at the ballpark. You want to make sure you make yourself stand apart from the crowd. It is advisable to get as much background information as possible about the team you wish to work with. You should display this knowledge and that of the game in general in your application. This way, you may be able to display yourself as someone that can easily fit in into ballpark positions.

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