How to Get a Job for Teens

How to Get a Job for Teens

It doesn’t matter what your age is, getting a job can sometimes be a really challenging thing to do. It can be challenging for someone with years of work experience under his or her belt. It can be even more challenging for a teen looking for his or her first job.

The first thing you’ll need in order to get a job is a good resume. Make sure that you’re honest on your resume while promoting all you best skills and talents. Never lie about your grades, for example. While it’s true that few employers will contact your school to make sure you’ve reported your grades accurately, starting a pattern of lying to your employer is a sure way to eventually get yourself into big trouble.

Statistics show that approximately one in three people lie on their resumes! Don’t be one of those losers.

Once you have a great resume, you need to find potential employers. This can be even more challenging than writing your resume.

Jobs might be posted at your high school or university. Or you might be able to find jobs in the classified section of your newspapers. You might even be able to get a job by contacting various companies directly to see if they need more workers. But the greatest amount of jobs available can only be found through the hidden job market.

Connecting to the hidden job market requires networking. And at your age, you probably haven’t had a chance yet to develop many contacts. But that’s okay. Talk to your teachers, professors, parents, family members, or other adults you know. Many will know about hidden job opportunities that they can share with you. But often you need to show the initiative and let them know that you’re looking.

Employment Web sites can also help you find a job. Some Web sites cater to helping teens find part-time or seasonal jobs. Our site is one site that caters to anyone looking for part-time work and teen jobs.

Some recruitment agencies, like Spherion, will hire teens to fill part-time positions. If you’re new to the workforce, you might be able to get a temporary position in the type of field you might like to work in as a career. But a lot of the time, recruitment agencies look for people with specific skills and experience.

Volunteer work can also lead to paying work. One teenager volunteered at her local humane society as a pet adoption counselor. She received on-the-job training and was able to get an inside look into how the shelter was run. After just one year of volunteering once or twice a week, she was offered a part-time job working in reception. This happened because the paying staff saw what a good volunteer she was, and thought she might be a good fit when the job opening came up.

Sometimes a job opportunity will fall into your lap. Other times searching for a job can be hard. If it does become difficult, don’t get frustrated. Keep working hard towards your goal of getting a job, and one day you will.

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