Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Here are some possible interview questions and responses you may find helpful in your preparation.

§ What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Some stand out strengths employers are looking for are: Easily adaptable, Quick Learner, Works well as part of a team, Self Motivated, Hard Working, Eager to learn. Has the ability to work well under pressure and good communication skills. Also give strengths relevant to the position you are going for. In terms of weaknesses be honest if you feel there is something relevant that you want to improve on then let your employer know. It will show the ability to self reflect which is a strength.

§ What experience do you have if any?

Answers to this question should be based firstly on experience relevant to the position, then any other experience. This does not have to be paid work. If you lack experience in the area you can present other experiences as examples such as sporting situations – these can show leadership skills as well as working within a team unit, commitment, dedication and goal setting. School activities – show diversity and work ethic.

§ What do you want to do when you finish school?

It is important even if your not sure of your future career goals to present some sort of direction. Going on to university, working within the industry you are applying to or just setting some goals.

§ What are you other commitments? E.g. sport, school activities etc

Now outside commitments can work either way depending on the nature of the job. It is important to be honest about serious commitments such as schoolwork. In terms of sport and other activities this will all depend on how serious you are about them. Be flexible when talking in terms of availability but also let your employer know if you have commitments you can’t or are not willing to break.

§ How quickly do you adapt to new situations?

Ideally employers are looking for people who can adapt quickly and are versatile.

§ Are you able to work to a deadline?

You have a proven ability to work to deadlines as you have been doing it at school, meeting assignment deadlines is a good way to show employers you can work to time constraints.

§ How do you feel about school?

Whether you love it or hate it its best to stay positive, you don’t have to be over the top just try and think of some things you like about it.

§ Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a team?

It would be beneficial to say you are capable of doing both. Depending on the position you might be required to be by yourself or you could be part of a team. Be flexible you can function in both environments.

§ How do you deal with conflict situations?

Conflict in the work place should be dealt with professionally and calmly. If you were unable to deal with the situation yourself you would notify someone who could.

Finally there are a few questions that employees are not permitted to ask, these are questions pertaining to religion, sex, sexuality, race, relationship status, ethnicity. It is important to be aware that you do not have to answer questions of this nature. For a full list of these questions please consult the Human Rights website in your area.

Now you are equipped to master the art of interviews. Remember if you continue to learn from each interview it will always be a success. The experience you will gain from the interview process will be invaluable in your future career hunting.

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