Jobs For 19 Year Olds

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Jobs For 19 Year Olds

An increasing number of young people are shifting focus from pursuing further education in colleges and universities to search for jobs, no thanks to rising cost of getting a degree and uncertainty in the economy. This is why more people are interested in jobs for 19 year olds these days. Perhaps, you are a 19-year-old and wondering what job you are qualified to do without needing to have a degree. You are in the right place.

Finding Jobs for 19 Year Olds

Teenagers usually face restrictions in terms of the type of jobs they can do and working hours. But once you attain the age of 18, you are free from such restrictions imposed by child labor laws. You can now work in any place and for as long as you wish (in terms of working hours). It must be noted that you may still not be qualified to take up certain jobs in some states, though, until you reach the age of 21.

A good resume is important when it comes to finding jobs for 19 year old’s. You can check at local organizations where you would like to work to inquire about openings, armed with a compelling resume. You should also consider networking with other people and checking job websites for openings you might be interested in.

Some Good Jobs for 19 Year Olds

As a 19-year-old, you have probably acquired a high school diploma already. That should be enough to open doors to many jobs for you. Below are just some of the perfect jobs for 19 year olds.

Retail worker

Retail businesses are among leading providers of jobs for 19 year olds and other young people. You can work as a retail salesperson attending to customers and operating cash registers, among other tasks.

Fitness instructor

If you happen to be a fitness buff, you can use your expertise to find a job as a fitness instructor or trainer. You can work in a variety of places, including gyms, fitness centers, hospitals and private homes. Certification will help boost your chances of getting work.

Customer service representative

Your high school diploma should qualify you to work as a customer service representative. Typical duties include answering phone calls, meeting customers face-to-face and helping to address whatever challenges they might be having. Training is usually provided on the job.

Accounting clerk

If you have accounting knowledge in addition to your high school diploma, you could land a job of an accounting clerk. Common tasks include posting transaction details into relevant accounts, calculating interest charges and making sure accounts are up-to-date and accurate.

Freelance writer

Being a high school graduate, you are very likely good at writing. You can put your skills to good use by working as a freelance writer. Websites such as oDesk, Freelancer and Craigslist are some of the nice places where you can link up with companies in search of freelance writers.

Web designer

Web designing offers you one of the best opportunities to earn good money. If you possess relevant skills, you have the freedom of working on your own, as a freelancer, or in a company.


Working with children is extremely rewarding. Your contribution to children will be felt their entire lives. If you enjoy working with children you should consider becoming a nanny. Parents generally expect you to have qualifications such as a clean driving record, clean appearance, and CPR and First Aid certification.

It may be somewhat harder to find jobs for 19 year olds than it was several years ago. If you are finding it a bit hard securing a job, you should consider self-employment options such as freelance writing, online virtual assistance, programming and web designing.

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