Jobs in Flagstaff Arizona

Jobs in Flagstaff Arizona

Situated adjacent Mount Eden, Flagstaff is a city in the southwest state of Arizona. It is located along the western edge of the most-expansive contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest anywhere in continental United States. The city, which serves as the seat of the Coconino Country, offers a great place for a person to work and raise a family. This post provides useful information on city economy as well as jobs in Flagstaff AZ.

About Flagstaff and its Economy

The city owes its name to a ponderosa pine flagpole that was erected in the area by a Boston scouting party in celebration of the Centennial anniversary of the United States on July 4, 1876. The main drivers of Flagstaff economy in the early years were lumbering, ranching and railroad industries. Cattle, sheep and timber constituted the main sources of income for inhabitants. The city’s economy has since been transformed, with distribution now playing vital role in creating Flagstaff jobs as well as revenue generation. Tourism and hospitality also occupy important positions in the economy due to the city’s proximity to several top attractions, including Grand Canyon National Park, the Arizona Snowbowl and Meteor Crater.

Government leads the way in the provision of jobs in Flagstaff AZ. The other sectors that provide the most Flagstaff jobs after the city government include tourism and hospitality, transportation, education, health, construction and mining. Aside the government, which provides City of Flagstaff jobs, top employers in the city include Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff Unified School District, Flagstaff Medical Center, W.L. Gore and Associates, and Nestle Purina PetCare.

Finding Jobs in Flagstaff Arizona

It is getting more competitive by the day getting jobs. So you need to raise your game when looking to land a job in Flagstaff Arizona, or any other city for that matter. Here are few tips to help:

Get experience – You will improve your chances of getting a job by getting work experience. Volunteering and internships offer good means of getting useful work experience.

Be organized – It helps to be organized when finding a job in Flagstaff. Have a plan or checklist on hand to ensure applications are properly filled; check for grammatical errors and typos, and stay on top of all applications sent.

Prepare – You never know if and when you will be invited for a job interview. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with typical interview questions and participate in mock interviews. This will put you in better position to scale through successfully when you are eventually called up for an interview.

Flagstaff Jobs offers a good place to start your search for jobs in Flagstaff Arizona. On the job board, you will find Northern Arizona State University jobs, City of Flagstaff jobs and Flagstaff Medical Center jobs, amongst others. The website can not only be used to find jobs in Flagstaff , but also jobs in Prescott AZ and other neighboring cities, including Sedona, Cottonwood, Winslow and Williams. In addition, you are able to filter available openings using criteria like full-time, part-time, temporary, internship and freelance.

It helps to have a college degree when looking to get a well-paid job in Flagstaff. As of 2005, around 40 percent of people in the city hold at least a Bachelor’s degree.


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