Mastering The Art of Interviews

Mastering The Art of Interviews

Ok so you have gotten past the first hurdle, you’ve submitted your resume and been accepted for an interview. This is make or break time for the teen job seeker. The impression you leave in the interview room is either going to land you the job or leave you asking what went wrong.

There are a few simple ways in which you can assure you leave a positive lasting impression on your potential employer. Throughout this article I will offer you some golden advice that will help you stand out from other applicants and ensure you learn from the experience.

Interviews are like anything else in life, they take practise to perfect. The teen job market is highly competitive so you should always maintain a high standard of professionalism. This is guaranteed to impress your potential employer, as it will show focus and maturity.

Professionalism is: Presentation, Punctuality and Preparation.

§ How you present yourself – Not just the clothes you wear, but your general presentation during the interview. Dress for success, formal attire is the best option. Look the part and you will be more likely to get it. Body language such as eye contact and how you greet your interviewer. Shaking hands is a sign of confidence and respect so is making regular eye contact. Always be polite not just during the interview but to any one you may have contact with in the office or work environment.

§ Being on time is essential to a successful interview. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, map out a route if you are unsure in any way. Being early gives you time to relax and prepare for your interview. If you are going to be late or unable to attend for any unforeseeable reason call ahead and let them know. This will show them that your serious and that you take your commitments seriously.

§ Being prepared, know the role you are applying for and what they are looking for in their employees.

Being adequately prepared will help you to be relaxed and confident during your interview. Just think of it like an exam, how nervous do you feel before an exam you haven’t studied for? The same principal applies to interviews.

Studying for an interview:

§ Study the role you are applying for. What are the key things they are looking for? What relevant strengths do you possess that meet those needs? This is no time to be modest think about what you can offer your employee. Also think about your weaknesses too.
§ Get to know the company you are hoping to work for. A little background information can go a long way.
§ Prepare a few questions to ask during the interview. These questions are important so take the time to write them down and any thing not covered in the interview you can ask at the end.
§ Think about the possible questions they might ask you and think about your responses. Practise them with a parent or friend.
§ Follow up, its ok to ask your interviewer why you didn’t get the job, you could also ask for information on what you resume or interview lacked. Do this in a professional manner let them know you are trying to improve on your performance. And ask them to keep you in mind for other opportunities that may arise. Remember to thank them for their time.
So now that you are prepared its time for the interview. Remember to be relaxed, confident and professional. It is also important to showcase your personality. It is beneficial for them to see you as a unique individual so that you stand out from other applicants. Being a teen job seeker you may not always have previous experience so you have to give them others reasons to trust your capabilities. These are reasons you can highlight by mastering the interview.

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