Seasonal Teen Jobs

Seasonal Teen Jobs

A seasonal job is a short-term or temporary job position that is usually available during the holiday season. Common times retailers look for seasonal employees are during the summer and winter holidays. Many employers start looking to fill these positions at least a couple of months before any of the positions begin.

There are many types of seasonal teen jobs available that can provide plenty of opportunities for teens to find a way to earn some extra money.

Seasonal jobs for teens include jobs such as working in a national park, at a ski resort, ranch or theme park. Other seasonal jobs are working as a camp counselor or with a tour park.

Seasonal jobs are excellent ways for teens to add some adventure to their lives while earning money. The commitment to a seasonal job is small, so if you decide to try a different job, but decide that you don’t really like it, you’re only committed for a few months. Sometimes you’re only committed for a few weeks, depending on the type of job you choose to accept.

Seasonal jobs will not provide you with a regular or steady income. But they might provide you an opportunity to break into a company that you’d really like to work for.

If you’re a little cash strapped during a specific holiday season, working in a seasonal job will give you money for the gifts you might want to buy friends or family. Sometimes a seasonal job can also help you save money for a spring, like March Break, vacation.

Many employees find it easier, for some reason, to fill seasonal summer positions early in the summer season. Perhaps this is because many teens and students take time off the summer during the later part of the season. But filling positions in August and even early September can be a real challenge for many employers. If you make yourself available for seasonal jobs during this time, the chances of you getting one are very good.

Another time that is difficult for employers to find workers is during the Christmas season. The closer to Christmas that it gets, the harder it is to find workers. And the Christmas season, especially in resorts and in the retail industry, are many of these types of companies busiest times.

When looking for a seasonal job, keep your eyes open for ads requesting seasonal workers. Or be pro-active and take the initiative by sending in your resume to companies that are most likely to need seasonal workers. Companies that might provide temporary jobs to teens are retailers, manufacturing companies, and companies in the hospitality or service sectors.
When you get a seasonal job, be sure to put the same effort into your work as you would with a more permanent job. Your employers will notice. Plus, if you like that seasonal job, doing a great job and being dependable might open up the door for more seasonal work, or a longer lasting job.

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