Tips to for a Successful Teen Job Interview

Tips to for a Successful Teen Job Interview

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You’ve gone through all the work of pounding the pavement to find yourself a job. You’ve carefully written your resume, typed it and presented it to several potential employers. Now you’ve just received a call from one of the companies you’ve applied to. And they want you to come down for an interview! It’ll be the first job interview you’ve ever gone to. Now what?

Don’t panic. It’s true that an interview is very important. But by following a few tips, you increase your chances of standing apart from the other applicants and increasing your chances of getting hired.

First of all, and this may seem like a no brainer, but first of all you need to learn about the company. An amazing amount of people applying to jobs just send out dozens of applications without knowing much about the company they’re applying to. And this lack of knowledge shows up during the interview process.

You can often find out about a company through a Web search or the library. You’ll find that many librarians are very helpful and knowledgeable about finding information about businesses, especially some of the larger companies.

Try to find out what types of personalities the company likes to see in their employees. And if you have those personalities, be sure to make sure your interviewer knows that by the way you talk and act.

Get a friend or family member to help you act out a potential interview. The old saying “practice makes perfect” is true. Plus it’ll help you feel more comfortable about the whole process.

Dress professionally. A suit is rarely necessary. But it’s important that you’ve got carefully groomed hair and clean fingernails. Don’t neglect your breath. You don’t want to repulse people with your terrible breath! Use mints. Brush your teeth. Chew gum before (not during!) the interview. Do whatever it takes to make sure your breath doesn’t smell. And avoid perfumes and aftershaves. There are more and more people who have allergies to scents, and you don’t want to be remembered because you made your interviewer sneeze or gave him or her a headache.

Arrive early. Punctuality is always appreciated. And if you get to the interview early, you’ll have a few minutes to relax and compose yourself.

When you meet your interviewer, look him or her directly (but not aggressively!) in the eyes and offer a firm handshake. Smile and greet the person by name. If possible, make a little small talk. A comment or two about the weather is usually a safe topic.

During the interview, answer succinctly. This means don’t ramble about stuff unrelated to the question. Be brief and answer the question clearly. If you need a moment or two to gather your thoughts, simply say you need to think about the question for a moment. Your honesty will be appreciated. Just don’t drag on the thoughtful moment for too long.

Be sure to show interest in the company by asking questions at appropriate times during the interview. End the interview by thanking the interviewer for his or her time.

Always be sure to follow-up. A brief thank-you note is a good idea and help you stand out from the other applicants.

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